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New Gold School

NEPOPO® is a registered trademark from Michael and Bart Bellon, it is used here with their permission.



Fabian is a seasoned dog trainer based in Chicago, IL, with 17 years of dog training experience. Raised in a small farming community outside Aguascalientes, Mexico, he developed a natural connection between humans and animals. Throughout his career, Fabian has launched and assisted in launching several successful dog training businesses, as well as responsible for developing training teams. His nine years of experience in Pitbull rescue have enabled him to incorporate the NePoPo® system into behavior rehabilitation programs effectively. Additionally, Fabian competes in PSA, has served as a training director, and acts as a training decoy, consistently employing the NePoPo® system at the core of all training activities.


Over the last decade, Fabian has built a successful dog training team and business in Chicago and is eager to share the NePoPo® system with the community. He is qualified to teach NePoPo® Gold Schools in both Spanish and English fluently.



15+ YEARS 


10+ Years


7+ Years


Only NePoPo® Silver and NePoPo® New Silver Graduates are ellegible to participate in NePoPo® New Gold Programs.

NePoPo® New Gold Obedience & Behavior


NePoPo® New Gold Obedience and Behavior focuses on training and developing adult dogs using the NePoPo® system. We focus implementing the NePoPo System in board and train programs, covering everything a modern dog trainer needs to succeed with every client. Subjects covered:

  • Theory and Application

  • Building Motivation and Developing Drive

  • Building and developing behaviors

  • Reteaching and rebuilding poorly taught behaviors

  • Troubleshooting and Humane introduction of training tools

  • Accelerated learning using the NePoPo System

  • Additional dogs can be provided to enhance the student learning experience

  • This program is 40+ of hands-on training


Dates: 6/10/24  -  6/14/24

*Learn about financing options here!

NePoPo® New Gold 
Protection Sports


NePoPo® New Gold Protection Sports focused on the training and development of behaviors for protection sports. In this NePoPo New Gold School we cover the start to finish process of teaching heel work, secondary obedience and bite work development using the NePoPo system. Subjects covered:

  • Luring and Shaping Competition Behaviors

  • Developing drive and  Opportunities for Drive Expression

  • Foundation work for secondary obedience

  • Strategies for developing grip work

  • Troubleshooting existing behaviors 

  • This program is 40+ of hands-on training

~ NePoPo® Certified Decoys will be available at this school.

Dates: 11/11/24 - 11/15/24

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Our facilities are suited to comfortably host, sleep and care for up to 10 students. Facilities include:

  1. Men's & Women Dorms

  2. Dining Hall 

  3. Outdoor/Indoor Turf Spaces

  4. Riverfront Outdoor Deck

  5. Indoor Dock Diving Pool

  6. Training Hall

  7. Creative Space

  8. High Speed Internet (500Mbps)


All meals are included during NePoPo® New NePoPo® Gold Schools. We want our focus to be on learning and training together and not on the distraction of day-to-day needs. Meals served:

  • Breakfast 8a - 9am

  • Lunch 12p - 1:30p

  • Dinner 6p - 7p

  • Weekly Menu Provided at Check-In

  • Please mention dietary restrictions on your registration

Dog Care

As part of NePoPo® New Gold School experience, students are required to bring a dog to train within the program. Should you be unable to bring a dog, we will gladly provide a dog suitable for our students. During the program we will provide the following:

  • Kennel/Housing for your dog.

  • Husbandry Supplies 

  • Additional dogs as needed for training

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