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Fabian Romo-Vargas / Founder

Fabian Romo-Vargas is the Founder of Dog Tribe. Fabian was born in raised in Aguascalientes, Mexico. As a child he grew up on a family farm which ultimately created an organic view of animals, their care and how they fit into our society. In 2007, As a teenager Fabian joined the canine industry and worked in a dog boarding and daycare facility, while in the evening and early mornings spending time with rescue dogs and shadowing dog trainers. Through those early teenage years Fabian built a passion for dogs and the operations that supported their care. In 2009 Fabian joined, Found Chicago NFP a small non-profit organization focused on rescuing, rehabilitation and re-homing Chicago’s most severe behavioral cases. Fabian spent the next 7 years working with and training bully breeds from all backgrounds including dog-fighting dogs and bait dogs. During this experience Fabian developed a multi-step process for socializing and rehabilitating the most challenging cases.


In 2012, Fabian launched Found Chicago Boarding & Training Center as a push to financially support the mission of Found Chicago NFP and developed the programs and training approach that are helping dogs to present day. In 2013, Fabian launched the Found Chicago Junior Trainer program focused on building a pathway for people of interested in training to join the industry. During that time Fabian met Brittney Frazier, now happily married. In 2016, after a transition of the Found Chicago NFP board of directors, Fabian and Britney purchases Found Chicago boarding & training Center. After the Found Chicago B&T acquisition Fabian and Brittney set out to design facilities and programs that carried their values in animal care and generated value for our clients and success for our canine companions. In 2016, Fabian jumped into the world of dog sports and started a local dog sports club Chitown K9, now named Chicago K9  where he and Scott Sharfman train and place  family protection dogs.


From 2020 – 2021, amidst the pandemic Fabian and Brittney launched Pup Start Chicago and MOJO Dog Co. Pup Start Chicago is a puppy development program focused on applying working dog concepts to develop confident and well-mannered family companions. MOJO Dog Co. is Chicago’s only dog trainer and dog sport focused store.


In 2022, Fabian and the Found Chicago team began working on what is now our Dog Tribe Academy for dog trainers with an anticipated launch date of 2024.

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