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Unleashing Potential, Nurturing Bonds, Advancing Welfare.

Dog Tribe is founded on the principle that a tribe transcends mere association—it's a collective identity shaped by shared beliefs, morals, and ethics. This identity thrives within our teams, families, and co-workers, forged in the commonality of our pursuits. Over the past 15 years, we've been part of various tribes—from Dog Rescue and Pet Training to Dog Sports—each bound by stringent convictions in animal training and care. 

Our vision for Dog Tribe is rooted in the recognition of dog training as a dynamic and evolving field. We challenge the status quo by providing accurate, up-to-date information to trainers, owners, and enthusiasts. Our approach is designed to alleviate unnecessary stress for both dogs and trainers, fostering a more harmonious relationship between them.

We are steadfast in our belief that embedding professional standards into the fabric of dog culture will cultivate a robust industry. Such an industry not only champions animal welfare but also ensures sustainable growth and prosperity. Dog Tribe is committed to leading this cultural shift, empowering a community where excellence in animal care and welfare is not just expected—it's the norm.



The Dog Tribe Academy for dog trainers is located on the 4100 N. Rockwell block of Chicago, IL. In the immediate neighborhood, you can find breweries, fitness centers, many restaurants, and some of the largest dog-friendly parks in the city. The Northcenter neighborhood of Chicago is one of the most dog-friendly areas, and Chicago as a city is a massive, dog-friendly city with a booming canine industry.


At our campus, you will find many programs to get involved with that include puppy imprinting and development, protection training, protection sports, and our premier board and train department, which has trained thousands of dogs from off-leash training to severe behavioral modification. Our campus also houses Chicago's only dog sport and dog training-focused retail store, MOJO DOG Co. At MOJO, you will find everything you need for training, from off-leash equipment to raw diets for your dogs!

During immersive programs, our students have the option of staying on-site in our comfortable dorm rooms that feature a large indoor/outdoor area on the riverbank of the Chicago River, immediate access to a training hall, and an indoor dock diving pool. You can find all the amenities on-site for immersion students, including fiber 500 megabit internet speeds to catch up on work, stream entertainment during your off time, and a full kitchen where all our meals are prepared. As an added amenity, all immersion programs include three meals per day.


Meet the Team


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