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Code of Ethics

1. Commitment to Continuous Learning: We pledge to stay at the forefront of dog training methodologies, constantly updating our practices to reflect the latest research and the most humane techniques.

2. Community Building: We believe in nurturing a tribe where every member, from families to co-workers, shares a commitment to ethical treatment and the welfare of dogs.

3. Transparency and Integrity: In all our operations, whether it's training, rescuing, or competing in dog sports, we act with transparency and uphold the highest standards of integrity.

4. Animal Welfare: The well-being of dogs is at the heart of every decision we make. We advocate for practices that respect the physical and emotional needs of our canine companions.

5. Professional Excellence: We strive for excellence by integrating professional standards into our culture, ensuring that our industry thrives ethically and sustainably.


6. Stress Reduction: We aim to create stress-free environments for both dogs and trainers, recognizing that the mental health of all parties is crucial for effective training and bonding.


7. Community Support: We support trainers, owners, and enthusiasts with accurate information and resources, fostering a knowledgeable community that acts in the best interest of animal welfare.


8. Sustainable Growth: We are committed to growth that does not compromise the care and love our dogs deserve, promoting sustainability in every aspect of our industry.


9. Respect for Diversity: Our tribe celebrates diversity in thought, experience, and approach, recognizing that a variety of perspectives strengthens our collective mission.


10. Accountability: We hold ourselves and our tribe members accountable to these ethical standards, ensuring that our shared identity reflects a commitment to the highest principles of dog care and community.

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